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The idea for Rayburn RV Hideout started many years ago by an individual who when camping across the country was tired of staying at cramped campgrounds with marginal facilities.  He had a dream of a campground that was not too large or too small, one with bigger than normal sites and lots of trees for shade. A campground with nice facilities to shower or do some laundry and was clean and comfortable for the guests. From those ideas Rayburn RV Hideout was born.

The park layout allows parking at most sites for a boat, your RV as well as one or two extra vehicles and still gives you room to walk around and not infringe on your neighbor.  Each site was placed to take advantage of the shade provided by the oak, pine and other trees in the park and gives you something that many parks in the area don’t give you, escape from the summer sun.  Because of this design each site is individual and unique.

When the current owners purchased the park in 2002 they have continued to improve and expand on that dream.  Over the years picnic tables have been added, sites releveled and expanded sites and completed graveling the drives and sites in the park.  WiFi and propane sales have also been added to the amenities in the park.   We have also had our challenges, Hurricane Rita in 2005 and the side swipe by Hurricane Ike in 2008, the drought of 2011 to name a few.  

With the park size of 23 sites we are not a park where you can get lost in.  Each guest is a name to us, not a site number.  We have been asked many times why we don’t expand the park and we feel our park has a hometown atmosphere to it where neighbors are friends and we don’t want to change that.  We feel that our larger more spacious sites are more important than trying to fit in two or three more sites.  We prefer more trees and shade in the park.  We like knowing our guests by their names and not their site numbers.

We hope you have enjoyed touring our park through our website.  We are happy to show you pictures of each site and not just a select picture or two of one or two sites that were dressed up for a picture.  When you arrive at our park we want you to say “wow, it looks just like it did on the website” rather than “where were those pictures on the website taken?”.

If we can answer any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we hope that you will think of us when you visit Lake Sam Rayburn!