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Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see the lake from the park?  No.  We are surrounded on three sides by Corps of Engineers land and the fourth side by FM-1007.  The Corps of Engineers owns a buffer zone around the lake which varies depending on lake level, property lines and lake elevation.  At normal lake elevation (or pool) it is about 4/10 of a mile from the park to the lake.  This land changes in elevation and is also heavily forested preventing any lake views.

Can we ride 4 wheelers, ATV’s, golf carts and similar vehicles in the park or to the lake?  No. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on Corps of Engineer land.  Rayburn RV Hideout does not allow those vehicles to be operated within the park.

Can we swim or launch our boat?  There is no restriction on swimming at the lake front anywhere along the lake unless it is posted by the Corps of Engineers.  There are no lifeguards and you swim at your own risk. Boats must be launched at one of the boat ramps located close to the park, and while you can beach your boat along the lake shore it cannot remain overnight.

How much does it cost to go camping?  Camping rates and other information on how much it costs to go camping can be found on our RATE page.

Why is there an extra person charge?  The extra person charge covers the additional cost for extra guests in the park (water usage, facility usage, increase trash etc.).  Most parks only allow 2 guests per site before charging an additional charge.

I want to rent a site for season or extended stay and leave my RV.  Do I get a discount for the times I am not occupying it?  No.  If the RV is on the site the normal fees apply.  We do not discount our fees from the posted price on our RATE page.

Do you have an age limit on RV’s?  No.  We do require that the RV be clean and nice looking.

Do you have cabins or rental RV’s?  No, we do not have cabins or rental RV’s.

Do you allow tents?  Absolutely!  Our campsites can be used for either RV’s or tents and we have a bathhouse with showers for your use.

Why are most your sites unavailable on holidays or events?  We have many guests that like to stay with us and they generally reserve far ahead.  We also rent sites on a daily, weekly or seasonal/extended stay basis and if the guest has selected one of those options the site would not be available.

How far are you from the closest town?  Our closest town is Jasper, Texas which is about 15 miles away. Within two miles of the park there is a gas station/convenience store, two restaurants as well as a dollar store. Some of the shopping in Jasper includes Brookshire Brothers Grocery, Walmart Supercenter, Walgreens, Lowes Home Improvement, Boot Barn Department Stores and many other stores (check out the Jasper/Lake Sam Rayburn Chamber of Commerce website for more information).  Lufkin is about 50 miles away with more shopping choices.

Do you have High Speed Internet?  Yes we upgraded our Internet to Fiber Optics in August 2018. Streaming and other high usage bandwidth applications are possible but not guaranteed.  We use bandwidth management in the park.

Do I need a reservation? No, but you might not  get a site either!  We welcome drive in guests, but we really do recommend a reservation to make sure we have a site for you.

Do you honor a club card or offer a discount?  No, we do not honor club cards or offer discounts on our rates - other than what is posted on our RATE page (see the next question below on Credit/Debit cards).  We offer the same rate of all guests regardless of age or affiliation with different clubs.  We feel our rates are very competitive and rather than raise the rate so we can give a “discount” we simply charge the lower rate to all. If you truly feel that you need a “discount” let us know and we can raise our rate and then give you a slight “discount” to accommodate you.

Why do you offer a discount on seasonal/extended stay sites for cash or check?  Taking credit cards is costly and is a percent of the sale. The State of Texas does not permit a surcharge for credit card sales (unless you are a government agency) and rather than raise our rates to cover the extra cost of credit or debit payments we pass those savings on to you.

Do you allow pets?  Yes.  We accept well behaved pets and their owners.  Our pet rule is pretty simple and basic.  They need to be leashed and under your control.  You need to clean up after them.  They cannot be a nuisance to other guests - we do consider excess barking/noise to be a nuisance.  They cannot be threatening or dangerous to other guests.

Do you have cable TV?  No.  We are in a rural setting and this amenity has not made it to us yet.  You might be able to pick up a Lufkin or Beaumont station with your TV antenna however.

Do you have a swimming pool or hot tub?  No

How well does my cell phone work?  That depends on your carrier.  Verizon has a good signal in the park. AT&T is very marginal - at best until their new tower is activated.  Everyone else is a wing and a prayer.

Why do some sites cost more than others?  Location, location, location.  We take into consideration the distance between sites, if the site is a back in or pull thru; and the view of the site from the door side.  This is not to say a lower price site is a bad one or that it is super close to a neighbor as our sites are more spacious than most RV parks.  

Can I build a deck or cover over my RV?  As a RV park our guests are transient in nature and we provide a site and service (ie power, water, sewer).  We do allow a deck with restrictions.  It must be portable (not concreted or posts sunk in the ground) and easily movable.  It must be located on the entry side of your unit. You cannot put a roof over it (your awning on your unit can cover it).  You cannot build a cover over your unit.

Can I have a storage shed?  No.  Sheds or similar storage buildings are not allowed in the park.

Can I have a golf cart, four wheeler or similar vehicle to use in the park?  No.  Not only does it cause us extra work in maintaining the gravel roads as well as repairing other damage plus we don’t want to spend the time having to police the use of such vehicles.  And besides, the majority of our guests don’t want to hear it cruising around.

Can I receive mail in the park?  Basically NO.  We do not accept letters or packages for guests sent via the USPS.  We will accept a once a month or less mail package from a mail forwarding company or a family member.  Should you need to receive mail there is a post office nearby where you can receive general delivery or rent a post office box for your stay.

Why do your require a deposit for a reservation?  For 15 years we never required a deposit for a reservation.  In 2017 we had several people make reservations and never show up.  Unfortunately we had turned several people away because of the these inconsiderate people.  So we figure if you truly want to visit, you will not mind making a deposit.  We do charge a modest cancellation fee to cover our cost of processing the refund, and we do have a period of time where no refund can be given.  

How does a question get listed on this page?  By being asked enough in a phone call, email or in person. Many of these questions are answered in our website - especially on our GUIDELINES page.  If you would like to see your question posted on this page just ask it enough and we will do it - and who says campground owners don’t have a sense of humor!