Extended Stay Rate Sub Meter Information
(Does not apply to Daily or Weekly Rate)

Electric Sub Metering is governed by the Texas Utility Code Section 184.031 through 184.036

Current Overage Rate is $0.08 KWH.

The above utility code allows for sub metering in RV parks and provides the rules that we have to follow.  We are not allowed to make a profit on electricity we sub meter.

Extended stay guests receive $50.00 worth of electric in their rate.  This allowance is broken down to a daily credit of $1.67 per day.  

In a 30 day billing cycle you will receive a $50.10 credit.  In a 31 day billing cycle you will receive a $51.77 credit.

Electric that is included in your extended stay rate does not carry over from billing cycle to billing cycle.  Any unused credit will expire at the end of the cycle.

Your first and last bill will vary as your move in date and move out date will differ from our reading date (about the 25th of each month).  Your first and last bill will add up to a minimum of $50.00 credit.

You will not receive a bill for electric usage unless your usage exceeds the $50.00 credit in the billing cycle.

Site Services (electric and water) can be turned off immediately under the above Texas Utility Code for non payment for those services.

Should you have any questions please call us at (409) 698-3137.