Electric Sub Meter Information

Our electric rates are governed
by the Texas Utility Code
Section 184.033

Current Overage Rate is:

$0.08 KWH

Our guests who are on the extended stay rate receive a daily credit of $1.67 per day towards their electric usage.  This breaks down to a credit of $50.10 for 30 days and $51.77 for 31 days.

Your KWH used in the billing cycle are billed at the current rate of $0.10 per KWH. The credit due in the billing cycle is deducted from this amount and any overage is billed to you.  Electric usage credit does not carry over from billing cycle to billing cycle.

You move in date will probably differ from the billing cycle date. Therefore your first and last bill will be prorated at the $1.67 per day from the meter read date.  If you add the prorate from the move in date to the prorated move out date it will equal $50.00.  

For more information please call us at (409) 698-3137.

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