Propane Prices and Info

Propane cylinders must meet Texas Railroad Commission requirements to be filled.

We cannot and will not fill any cylinder or motorhome that does not meet the requirements.

We will not fill any cylinder or motorhome that we feel is unsafe to service.

Requalify Information

We visually requalify propane cylinders.  This inspection allows the cylinder to be refilled for another 5 years providing it continues to meet the requirements to be refilled.

The fee is $8.00

We do not change valves on propane cylinders.

Appearances alone can cause a cylinder to fail the inspection.

We are pleased to offer to our guests, neighbors and the traveling public propane at competitive prices.

We can also visually recertify your propane cylinder for a fee.

Propane is normally available

7 days a week*
for your convenience.

*Provided a licensed person is available to sell propane.  Please call and check at (409) 698-3137.

Daylight hours only!

Current Propane Prices

Effective December 7, 2018
Current as of December 7, 2018













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