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Seasonal Sites

We do not have any seasonal sites open at this time.

We define a Seasonal Site as a site where a guests desires to spend a specific amount of time or season at the park.  Seasonal sites are typically the summer or winter months.  Summer sites are always in high demand and are generally not available.

When we have a Seasonal Site open we will post the information on this page as well as the home page of our website along with the dates the site is open.

Rate information can be found on our RATE page.  We also require a Site Service Agreement on a Seasonal Site and is considered a Host/Guest arrangement.  We do not offer any discount (other than for cash/check) on a Seasonal Site.  We may require a deposit to hold your seasonal site until your arrival.

Your family and friends are allowed to visit you at your site and can stay with you.  We do reserve the right to limit the number of guests and the Additional Person(s) charge will apply.  You cannot sublease your unit.  You are the responsible party for any guests that you may have.